Teaching Tips

Food Station

Food StationThe Food Station contains 3 lessons; they can be used separately or all together depending on time and group focus. The first introduces the Food Pyramid. The second explores combination foods, how a single meal item (such as a burrito) can contain many food groups. Lastly, the third demonstrates healthy portion sizes of common foods. You can reinforce these lessons by using fake food to create a healthy meal, sorting foods into boxes for healthy and sometimes foods, creating a classroom food pyramid or showing kids the proper portion size for foods by using everyday objects as guides.

Tobacco Station

Tobacco StationThe Tobacco Experiment Station demonstrates some dangers of tobacco use in terms of oral health in two parts. Users drag cigarettes or chew tobacco into Mouthie’s® mouth and see the dangerous consequences. This section is a great way to explore peer pressure and media influences depending on the age of the group. Have students look at print ads for tobacco and compare to statistics for smoking, oral health and cancer. You can also use this lesson to discuss other health dangers like drugs and alcohol, both of which have specific oral health consequences.

Cleaning Station

Cleaning StationThe Cleaning Experiment Station examines the consequences of various levels of personal dental hygiene, revealing the long-term effects of poor hygiene. Ask kids to describe their routine for brushing, flossing and rinsing. What can they change or improve? Make a calendar to help the kids keep track of their brushing and flossing and encourage healthy habits.

Your Tooth Story

Your Tooth StoryYour Tooth Story shows typical development of teeth from birth to adulthood. This demonstration eases concerns kids have about losing teeth and engages them in a discussion of how their mouth develops with their body. Younger kids may enjoy a lesson about the tooth fairy and tooth traditions around the world. Older kids may have questions about braces and tooth development. A web quest on braces could be a good assignment.

Dental Time Warp

Dental Time WarpThe Dental Time Warp lets children compare dental instruments and practices from the 19th century and today to see how the focus has shifted from painful intervention to painless prevention. Discuss the types of instruments the students are looking at and what they might be used for. Ask the children to think of other ways in which a visit to the dentist has changed. Some suggestions include: Who can be a dentist? Who are the members of the dental team in the dental office? What does the exam room look like? Kids can make a dentist puppet or draw a picture of a dental visit.

Creativity Corner

Creativity CornerThe Creativity Corner lets users design a poster or product packaging to share their new knowledge about the dangers of tobacco with their peers. Users use a simple drawing program to make a poster about peer pressure, or tobacco packaging that tells the true story about tobacco addiction. They can then print their picture.